Go for Reputed Manufacturers for Your Electrical Accessories

There are a wide range of electrical accessories which have different technical specifications with regard to dimensions, operation, installation, etc. Heat shrink tubes, insulation covers, heat shrink caps, screened separable connectors for touch proof terminations are just to name a few of them.

Why should one opt for a known name in the field? These manufacturers have a rugged design for the accessories which matches international standards for safety, making them withstand the environmental factors. Their accessories go through thorough quality checks. The experienced manufacturers provide onsite support in terms of installation, training, user- friendly operational guidelines, material safety data sheets to ensure protection of equipment and personnel as well as compliance with regulatory bodies. These manufacturers not only install their products at the client’s site but also extend their expertise for trouble shooting.

From safety point of view screened separable connectors hold an important place in the list of electrical accessories. They make the terminations touch proof. They have two components male called plugs and female called jacks. They connect the polymeric cables to equipment such as transformers. They work on electrical and mechanical energy and join the terminations thus resulting in touch proof property. Their outer screen makes them insulated. This outer screen has conductive properties and it is completely touch proof. These connectors are compatible with both A and C type of bushings. Their design is slug fit and end product is of high quality. Their working capacity at high current values up to 1250A and voltage up to 24KV makes their performance very effective. Screened separable connectors have excellent insulation and resistance.waterproof Butt Connector  They are an important interface and have to tolerate environmental stress such as temperature, pressure, moisture, etc. This makes them reliable and long lasting.

Their high quality material and design finish results in an easy, speedy and safe installation. They can be sized to fit into cringed spaces. Thus they find application in a variety of industries such as oil refineries, underground electrical network, mining, shipping, etc.

Insulation covers are another critical accessory. They are insulation blankets which provide a complete coverage. They are designed to be removable and replaceable. Thus can be changed whenever desired. Their design again is facility specific, process friendly. They help maintain temperature during process thus increasing the life of the product, reducing wear and tear of the machinery, providing safety to the handlers, saving energy and ultimately increasing efficiency of production. The screened separable connectors provide high electric strength. The insulation covers or blankets perfectly cover different types of valves, piping, etc. High performance, multi- range touch-proof termination kits and insulation covers provide a compact design and efficient performance.

These become smart and economic electrical solutions when brought from reputed manufacturers.



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