How To Eliminate Weed Cravings And Urges – Ex Stoner’s Perspective

It’s crazy. I would have never imagined I’d end up a pothead. What’s even worse, I never imagined how difficult it was to quit smoking weed.

Everyone’s struggles are different; some struggle with loneliness, depression, or anxiety. My biggest struggle was dealing with the cravings.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t let go of the cravings to smoke weed. But after years of trial and error I learned how to eliminate weed cravings in an instant and not only that, I’m able to help other people who were in my position.

The technique I’ll be teaching you will “delete” the thoughts that trigger the urges to smoking weed, making the process to stop smoking weed effortless.


The technique is called “The Whiteout Technique” and its purpose is to enable you to stop thinking about the triggers (thoughts and mental images) that causes you to feel the desire to smoke weed.

Whenever you get the cravings to smoke weed, you tend to visualize yourself at som gras online kaufen e point in the future smoking weed or you may hear that little voice in your head enticing you to smoke weed.

What I noticed was that if it wasn’t for that voice or the future projections, you wouldn’t feel the urge to smoke weed. If I learned how to eliminate the triggers, it will remove the biggest impediment to my sobriety.

The Process

In the form of an image, make a mental representation of your cravings and then quickly increase the brightness of the image until the image goes completely white (whitening the image).

You may ask yourself, “Why does this technique work?”

The brain uses thoughts and visual mental imagery to represent your desire to smoke weed. Whenever the brain wants to let you know that it needs weed it sends you a message through the form of a compulsive thought or future projection.

Without it, the brain wouldn’t be able to let you know that it wants to smoke.

Back to the technique, once you complete one whiteout, before proceeding to do it again, think of something entirely different in order to break state and be able to have access to the cravings once again.

You may ask, “how many times should I do it?”

You’ll do it 5 times in a row, each time making the image go completely white faster than the previous time.

After you complete 5 whiteouts in a row, think of the weed craving once again and don’t be surprised if the cravings are gone, along with your ability to retrieve the mental image of the craving.

You may just see an image that’s completely white.


1. See the image in your mind linked to the craving
2. Quickly turn up the brightness of the image until it’s white.
3. Pause for a moment and think of something completely irrelevant (break your state).
4. Think of the cravings once again and repeat the brightening and breaking state five times.
5. Once you have done this 5 times, think of the memory again and see what happens.

If you still feel the cravings, continue doing this technique until the feeling is completely gone.

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