Should An Introduction To Art, Music, And Drama Be A Part Of Every College Student’s Education?

The aesthetics of a human being can be nourished by art, music Dramacool , and drama. Therefore, I strongly endorse that introduction to art, music, and drama must be part of every college student’s education. It not only nourishes his/her aesthetic sense but also grants to the student a healthy extracurricular activity. At the same time, the contests and the collaborative projects of art, music, and drama gives a chance to every student to understand their fellows and that will help to study jointly. Hereinafter, every activity in educational system that synchronizes students should be part of the education system.

Nourishment of student’s personality is essential element of education system. Every student should come out from educational institution with strong theoretical command on their subjects as well as with a strong personality to compete in the market. Therefore, a healthy activity of art, music, and drama can enhance the interpersonal skills and personality compatibility of a student to compete in the market in an appropriate manner. Hereinafter, the things that have to be considered are the mental upbringing and intelligence induction to the students. And, all the things that have been mentioned in the outline of this treatise clearly fulfills the student’s mental abilities. These abilities will counts enough and will help candidate in his/her practical life.

Team compatibility is another aspect in the above mentioned activities in the college student education. It allows the students to synchronize themselves with each other and make them compatible to each other for a joint understanding aptitude. At the same time, the element of enjoyment strongly enhances the compatibility and synchronization concept. Hereinafter, it will be helpful for students in professional field to make themselves compatible and synchronize-able candidate.


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