To Cash-Grubbing College Football Bowl Organizers: Call Off the Dogs Before You Ruin the Game

Years ago going to a bowl game immediately after regular season play was a large reward and a sign of excellence. Now ไฮไลท์ฟุตบอลล่าสุด has turn out to be an absolute joke.

What has triggered this sad state of affairs? I am glad you asked. The answer is cash-grubbing bowl game organizers with dollar signs in their eyes. It is all about generating funds at the expense of respect for the game, the players, and their quest for excellence.

You see there are only 120 major college football teams in Division 1-A, what the NCAA loves to call FBS (the Football Bowl Subdivision). The NCAA brain trust loves additional and a lot more bowl games simply because they believe it promotes the sport, and becomes a funds magnet.

It also is killing the sport like a wounded animal operating for its life after becoming shot by a sportsman, not realizing that even if it escapes its hunter, it will bleed to death in the process.

The plethora of bowl games will ultimately trigger football to loose its appeal as the number a single spectator sport in America. That may sound unthinkable, but I have been covering or watching football for a half century, and can see history repeating itself.

I can bear in mind when baseball was king in America, and the powers to be thought it would by no means quit getting THE sport of selection. Then basketball became genuine preferred with rivalries at the pro level. Then football became all the rage. I can bear in mind when pro football games were not even televised due to a lack of demand. When you live long sufficient and pay focus, you see the cycles creating.

Pro baseball produced the mistake of expanding to extra and extra teams, and more and more playoff games. Quite soon the quality of play was diminished, also substantially funds was involved, and the game became driven far more by revenue than the quest for excellence.

Baseball club owners put crummy teams on the field and people today stopped coming. Some important cities would not even assistance a lousy team. A further sport then became extra well-liked.

Right here is the rub: We have 120 significant teams and now the bowl season has been expanded to 35 games. That indicates 70 of the 120 teams will play in a bowl game. The predicament has grow to be so dire that the NCAA is talking about waivers mainly because not sufficient teams presently qualify to play in a bowl game.

The common currently is six wins amongst 12 games – that’s just a stinking .500 record which doesn’t genuinely merit the reward of a bowl game. Heck, you used to have to win 7 games to make it into a bowl game. Now there is speak of letting teams with a five-7 record play in a bowl game because not adequate could qualify with 6 wins.

This is nonsense. One pernicious outcome of this is rewarding incompetency.

It reminds me of parents who all but force their kid to play small league baseball when the kid could care less. He then plays 12 games on a group that loses just about every game and, as a reward, they give each and every kid on the team a trophy so their feelings are not hurt by their incompetence.

Parents also feel compelled to have pictures taken of their small “stars” and have them put on baseball cards like they are some type of significant league player. How stupid. The kid learns that becoming a zero counts for all the things. He feels like a nothing at all and is a absolutely nothing.

He is denied the blood, sweat and tears of functioning his butt off to really create expertise, discover to become a team player, and get pleasure from some actual, genuine life achievement – a far additional valuable lesson that will assistance him throughout his life.

Final year, 71 teams became bowl-eligible by winning at least six games, and 68 of them played in bowl games. This year, 64 teams are bowl eligible and 20 may perhaps be if they win once again. Bowl selections are to be announced on Sunday, Dec. five.

Unless someone with authority puts their foot down, we may quickly see 60 bowl games with each major college participating. That may well make a person a lot income, but the games will be terrible and the players will be cheated out of some thing pretty essential – the feeling of achievement that comes from really hard work and sacrifice, and can not be replaced.

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