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Warcraft Golden Millions

Gold. Its luster has lured people for thousands of years. History is replete with stories of fortunes made and lost thanks to the yellow metal. Is it any wonder that gold is as much an object of desire in a virtual world like World of Warcraft. WoW gold is almost just as necessary to getting ahead in that game as real world money is necessary in getting ahead in real life.

So how does a World of Warcraft player make his millions of the golden currency?

In fact there are many different ways to make a lot of gold in World of Warcraft. The remainder of this article will discuss a few of the different methods to make Warcraft millions.


  1. The first way to make a ton of gold in WoW is simply by farming. This means that a player sets up in a location where there are certain types of monsters, and repeatedly kills them for the loot. Some creatures drop highly prized items that other players will pay a lot for. Early on in World of Warcraft history there were even certain creatures that dropped extremely rare pets.
  2. Farming gold can be very time consuming, a far more effective means of  Buy wow gold  building up your Warcraft millions is to use the Auction House. The principle here is exactly the same it is in the real world financial markets: buy low, sell high. There are plenty of items that players buy. Small fortunes can be made selling consumables like potions. Selling raw crafting materials can be even more lucrative, even low level crafting materials. Many player buy these to help level up their chosen profession. It might be cheaper to harvest the mats themselves, but it’s faster to buy them.
  3. Crafting can make some money on the auction house, but it costs a lot to get the skill to the level where you can make the items that other players cherish. However, since the best gear comes from raiding, the rewards from crafting gear are not as lucrative as they could be. The best professions to take are the harvesting professions. Gathering materials such as leather, metals, or herbs can generate a decent income.


All these methods can generate large amounts of World of Warcraft gold, enough to even keep the player in mounts and consumables. However, if you really want to shoot the lights out in the WoW gold game, you’ll need to do a lot more than I have suggested above. You will need to research blogs and forums, and to test out various different methodologies. In other words, you’ll need to commit to the process of making World of Warcraft gold.

On the other hand there are players who have done all the hard work for you. A number of different guides have been written that expand on the techniques above, as well as providing a whole other set of techniques for quickly making World of Warcrafts in-game currency.


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